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Why are you here ?

Everyone has their own reason for for why they are here.

Server Access and Membership
So you're here to 'benefit' from the use of South Pacific Gamers Voice/Game Servers and Website.
That's fine, and we welcome you. Currently your access is restricted, what this means is you can not post on our forums and you may be bound by a time limit on our servers.
The reason you cant Post on SPG Froums is to prevent Trolling and Bot's no one wants to spend their time on a forum sifting through all the trash advertising inflicted upon us by malicious viruses and system bots. And no one enjoys immature trolls who spend their life in effort to upset or reduce enjoyment of others experiences.
The reason you may be bound by time limits on our servers is to allow as many people the privilege to also use what we provide. For example Our Ventrilo Server is used by not only our South Pacific Gamers Members but also friends, family and other guests. To maximise the opportunity for everyone to have access to our servers we may ask you to free up a slot for a another.

So if you're here to 'contribute' to South Pacific Gamers.
We are always welcoming new members to our ranks. Our members have full access to all features of our Forum, Website, Servers, and other Community benefits, like merchandise, exclusive downloads, and even major competitions.

Decision Time ?

Its to you to make a choice on which path you wish to take.

Server Access or Community Membership

You have Three choices:

Do Nothing and continue to use the servers as they are currently set up.

Ally with South Pacific Gamers and become a Forum/Server Guest

Enlist with the South Pacific Gamers Community and reap full benefits of becoming a Community Member

By becoming a Forum/Server Guest or Community Member you agree to all the Terms/Policy/Rules